Option 1 : Capsule Wardrobe - Maximise Your Wardrobe

Do you need some inspiration with your wardrobe?  Would you like to "see" new outfits in front of your eyes without spending any more time, effort and money in the shops.  This Capsule Wardrobe experience will help you make the most of what you already have, eliminate what is not working for you and identify any gaps you may need.  This session takes place in the comfort of your own home and timings will depend on the size of your wardrobe.

Like every woman I know, I had a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing ever to wear! After a morning spent wardrobe weeding with Liz, she was able to show me how to put outfits together with clothes I already had plus a couple of additional items Liz suggested. The clothes that we both identified as being not right for me or my lifestyle I sold through my local “dress agency”‘, making me a profit of £300 - what a result!” Vivienne , Teddington Middx
Liz - you have saved me a fortune! You found outfits in my wardrobe that I never knew I had and made outfits from clothes I was ready to throw away as I didn’t know what to do with them. I had always wanted a tank top and never knew I had something I could use as one so I have no need to buy one now - thank you. Getting out the door for work will be so much quicker in the mornings.
— Claire Reading, Berkshire

Time: depending of size of your wardrobe
Cost: £60 per hour minimum 2 hours

  • Wardrobe bursting at the seams?

  • Nothing to wear?

  • Lots of clothes but nothing seems to match!

  • Impulse buys that don't go with anything else?

It's time to change that with a capsule wardrobe session and:

  • Make life simpler in the morning

  • Feel fabulous in what your wear

  • Have a wardrobe of outfits you love

  • Maximise your clothes by adding on a few new items - Guaranteed!

  • Learn colour and style and tips as you go

A Capsule Wardrobe session is a quick way to:

  • Save you time each day by being easily able to throw outfits together

  • Help you decide what to keep and how best to wear it

  • Show you new ways to mix and match your existing wardrobe to create the perfect outfit

  • Save you money in the future by showing you how to make the best choices when shopping

Option 2 : Seasonal Capsule Wardrobe

Time: 2 hours
Cost: £120

though I had lots of clothes I had no idea what to put with what, you have actually made new combinations so that I did not need to go and spend additional money on new outfits! A very valuable benefit especially today with everybody’s purses being a bit tighter!
— Tanja, London

The seasons change and it's not easy to interpret the current trends and understand which of them will suit you.  A great way to update your wardrobe by understanding what you already have that works and what the "gaps" are before you hit the shops.

  • Wardrobe full but nothing to wear?

  • Fed up of the same outfits?

  • No time or inspiration to maximise your wardrobe?

A seasonal wardrobe assessment will review the clothes you have, make 'new' outfits from them and give you a list of items you for the current season (and where to find them) to really make your wardrobe work for you.

Alternatively we can shop for them together or I can source them for you.

For a no obligation chat about how a Wardrobe Session could benefit you or, to book call Liz on 07971 959106 or email lizzieimage@gmail.com