First Impressions Count

Your People are the Ambassadors for your Brand. 

Liz was instrumental in our team day at Marks & Spencer Head Office. As a group, we had identified that when we looked good, we felt good and it had a positive influence on the outcome of our meetings with our business partners. We were unsure how to consistently present ourselves to our best advantage till Liz came in and shared her skills and knowledge. We had an excellent workshop and by the end of the day we had learnt what made us look (and feel good!) as individuals, benefiting not only ourselves but how we went about our daily business and achieved great results.

Overall, I would wholeheartedly recommend a session with Liz; it was an enlightening and empowering experience.
— Emma Gamble, Learning Project Manager (HR)Marks & Spencer

I'm sure you've heard it said a thousand times that first impressions count and investing in the personal presentation of your staff is a great way to ensure that those first impressions are both positive and profitable.

And it's always good to be reminded of these statistics that show just how important those first impressions are:

  • 55% are based on the way we look
  • 38% on our voice tone, pitch and pace
  • 7% on what we actually say

What impression are your staff making on your customers ... and on each other?!

Imagine all the ways in which your staff and your company will benefit from presenting a positive and confident image:

  • Increased sales from a confident and impactful sales team
  • High staff moral through thoughtful and tailored dressing
  • Using the confidence that dressing well gives you to communicate effectively with both clients and colleagues
  • Taking pride in appearance increases moral, confidence and productivity
  • Staff actually feeling proud to wear the company uniform, leading to greater fulfilment and hence greater productivity
  • Retail staff will be able to provide professional and informed advice to their customers

How can you bring a professional and moral-boosting image to your company:

  • A personal branding workshop for your board, department or sales team
  • Part of a company day or sales kick-off meeting
  • Part of a well-being or team-building day
  • Personal 1:1 colour and style advice for individuals
  • Training for retail staff to enable them to provide excellent sales service

For more information and Training on how your people look , sound and behave please look at our training company for Personal Branding

Liz Scott and Kerrie Ellis - The Image Advantage

Liz Scott and Kerrie Ellis - The Image Advantage

What Our Clients Say

We organised a company “Well Being” day as part of our program to invest in our staff. Liz presented some workshops that enabled our staff to improve their image and feel good about themselves. This included an increased awareness of what colours and what styles to wear to compliment their shape. It was a great success and I am looking forward to my personal consultation Liz !
— Project Manager RBS, Middlesex
I wanted to look and feel my age whilst wanting colleagues to take me seriously. Liz has an amazing amount of styling knowledge. She introduced me to styles and colours which have enhanced my overall image both professionally and personally and I am now able to dress in the corporate world, holding my position whilst maintaining my personality.
— Shalina, Learning & Development Retail Team, M & S, London