Appearances matter - especially in Business!

Discover how to dress easily, appropriately and confidently for your profession and lifestyle.   Learn how to make a great first impression that is comfortable for your own personal style and personality.  Ensure your image is up to date and does not hold you back with your career, social life or love life.

My clients range from Graduates just starting on their career journey, to professional men developing their careers.  Others are experiencing a lifestyle change such as retiring or entering the world of dating again after divorce.

Clothes are inevitable. They are nothing less than the furniture of the mind made visible
— James Laver
I had a Personal Image Consultation with Liz after I was concerned my personal branding wasn’t as impactful as it could be. Although I work in a creative industry, as a copywriter and marketing consultant, I had a feeling my outwards image wasn’t aligned with the values I wanted to project to clients and prospects. I was smart and I dressed well but how I projected myself on the outside never truly reflected the bold, creative elements of my personality and the work I do; in other words, I was underselling myself. Fortunately, I discovered Liz and she was a revelation. In just a few short hours, Liz identified exactly where I was going wrong in terms of choosing colours and types of clothing. She made me view my body in a completely different way - far more positively - and gave me greater confidence to experiment. Liz also gave me a strategy to help me pick out the right clothes when shopping. Now, when I walk into a clothes store, I know exactly what to look for, what to avoid and how to choose what suits me. Thanks to Liz I feel my image is sharper and matches by business needs, while also remaining authentic so I’m comfortable with the clothes I’m wearing. I couldn’t recommend Liz highly enough; listen to her and she’ll have a huge impact on you and your business.
— Jody Raynsford

Make an impact at every occasion!

If you are a business man, professional or retired, single, dating or have been married for 20 years, whether you want to look fit and sexy or suave and sophisticated, there's nothing like looking and feeling well-dressed, confident and comfortable. Let me help you create a positive impact, whether you are attending a business meeting or interview, formal or social occasion. I can help you achieve an image which suits your personality and goals.


1. Business Image & Personal Branding Consultation

  • Assess what your current image is

  • Define your personal values and who you are within

  • Establish your distinctive difference

  • Define the brand and values you want to project now

  • Identify your 'blind spots' and rectify them

Cost: £375
Time: 4 hours

Well that really opened my eyes! I’ve met one or two image consultants and heard a bit about what they do, but always thought it’s not for people like me.
Liz put me at ease immediately and took the time to understand me and help me understand why she recommended certain things for me.
She was tactful about some of the (ahem) dodgier stuff in my wardrobe and opened my eyes as to how I could match different things in my wardrobe (even things I’d imagined you couldn’t wear together) to produce great results.
This gave me the confidence to buy new clothes even ahead of my shopping trip with her.
So to the shopping trip! As someone (are most men like this?) who buys the odd thing as and when I need it this was a whole new experience. A focussed and great fun hour picking out clothes and trying on different combinations. With the result that I now have a wardrobe that allows me to dress smartly and appropriately for any occasion, business or pleasure.
Proof of the pudding? I feel great and I’m walking taller, and I got lovely comments on my new look from people at my business referral group meeting the next Friday. Thanks Liz.
— Dave Cordell

2. Total image impact

  • Discover a simple set of rules and guidelines to follow to enable you to dress for success

  • Know which styles suit and flatter your shape

  • Understand which colours to choose and how to match them (see Colour Impact option)

  • Know how to shop quickly, easily and shop-effectively

Cost: £175 includes personalised styling tips (Swatch wallet optional £53)
Time: 2 hours

3. Colour Impact Session


What colours of clothes to wear that suit you

How to combine them to increase your impact

Make shopping for your clothes easier and quicker

Save money and stop buying expensive mistakes that detract from your credibility

Cost: £80
Time: 1 hour (Swatch wallet optional £53)

4. Personal Shopping Trip

This option is ideal for those who can identify one ore more of the following:

  • Don't currently enjoy clothes shopping

  • Cannot find clothes you like or suit you

  • Are anxious about a forthcoming event

  • Unsure of which shops to visit for the best clothes for you

  • Don't understand how to achieve the best value from clothes shopping

  • Want to save time and money when shopping for your outfits

  • Tired of feeling as though you have a wardrobe of mismatched clothes

  • Want some new inspiration

  • Want to up the anti with your image

Cost: £60 per hour
Time: minimum 2 hours

To include:

  • Personal Brand - who you are and how you want to present yourself authentically

  • Personal Image - a set of simple rules and guidelines to follow to enable you to dress for success

  • Know which styles suit and flatter your body shape

  • Understand which colours to choose and how to match them (also see Colour Impact option)

  • Dress codes including 'Smart Casual' and 'Business Casual'

  • Grooming, using stylish finishing touches to make extra impact

  • Body language and social behaviours



















To include:

  • Know how to dress for every occasion - every time

  • Know where to shop for your age, style and budget.

  • Understand how to add stylish finishing touches for that special impact

  • Discover how to maximise your return on investment in your wardrobe


To include:

A one hour consultation to show you the colours that enhance your appearance.

Receive a colour wallet containing 36+ swatches of your best colours for casual clothes, shirts, suits and ties.



If you want to take the stress out of shopping and put a skip back into your step, then a one to one shopping trip with Liz will show you how to turn clothes shopping into a painless quick and simple excursion

Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect
— Charles Hix

Personal Shopping usually takes place in Kingston upon Thames to take advantage of it's diverse and wide range of shops and its accessibility by all major travel routes.  If you would like to go to an alternative location please just let me know.