Hi I'm Liz

Hello, my name is Liz Scott and I understand how tough finding the right clothes can be because I spent years beating myself up about the way I looked which, in turn, undermined how I felt about myself and my abilities.

Eleven years ago I decided to invest in a session with an Image Consultant and learn how to dress to suit my shape, size, personality and colouring AND it changed my life!

I was so inspired by the difference it made to my image and confidence that I then went on to attend extensive personal image and stylist training with renowned experts, Colour Me Beautiful. Then, in 2005 I set up my own Style and Image Consultancy - Imagetastic, and haven't looked back since.

My passion for helping others and showing them how to look and feel good about themselves is my driving force and my reason for getting up each day.

As a mum of three I have little time to shop, let alone consider my outfits. Thanks to Liz I know what to buy and what colours suit me best and picked up a few tricks to effortless chic.
— Lucy, London

My Consultancy Services are for everyone, together we can increase your confidence and save time and money on fruitless shopping trips. I pride myself on giving to others what personal styling has given to me and my background as a working mum providing both personal and corporate image consultancy for over 10 years means that I understand the challenges we face in presenting ourselves whilst still retaining our own unique personal style. So whether you need to update your home or work wardrobe, get in touch and learn to feel good about yourself again.  

Please contact me on 07971 959106 or email me at lizzieimage@gmail.com for a chat about your challenges and how I can help you.