Build your Executive Presence and Maximise your Professional and Personal Impact

Executive Presence is that illusive quality that some people have when they enter a room.  For some it may seem effortless, they have it naturally and others may feel they need to work on it to develop it further.  It can be described as easy as ABC.  Your Appearance, Your Behaviour, both verbal and non-verbal and Your Charisma, how you show who you are authentically, whilst creating and building positive connections with others.

Discover Your Distinctive Difference with a Personal Branding Consultation

Deep dive into your personal brand, finding out who you are, what your values are and how you maximise your presence authentically.  By understanding your values and how you create congruence with who you are on the inside, with your presentations outside, not only will increase your confidence but also maximise your executive presence.

 Business Image & Personal Branding Consultation

  • Assess what your current image is
  • Define your personal values and who you are within
  • Establish your distinctive difference
  • Define the brand and values you want to project now
  • Identify your 'blind spots' and rectify them

Cost: £375
Time: 4 hours

To include:

  • Personal Brand - who you are and how you want to present yourself authentically
  • Personal Image - a set of simple rules and guidelines to follow to enable you to dress for success
  • Know which styles suit and flatter your body shape
  • Understand which colours to choose and how to match them (also see Colour Impact option)
  • Dress codes including 'Smart Casual' and 'Business Casual'
  • Grooming, using stylish finishing touches to make extra impact
  • Body language and social behaviours
  • Includes colour swatches and style manual


Dress Like You Mean Business

A full day spent exploring and developing your business image, including a thorough wardrobe makeover and personal shopping.  The day will be shaped around you and can include a full colour analysis to discover your very best clothing colours, top-to-toe styling advice (cuts/styles of clothes, fabrics, patterns, etc.) and a review of your wardrobe to create new outfit combinations and identify any potential ‘gaps’.  Making it effortless to maximise your impact and reputation.

Executive Image Edit

This tailored service looks at all aspects of your business image, focusing on what you feel you need to know to increase your impact, whether it be your personal brand and visibility, business etiquette, body language, understanding what you need to wear, business capsule wardrobe advice or simply some hands-on personal shopping for your career wardrobe.

Wardrobe Workout

A one-to-one personal shopping or wardrobe makeover, where we will help you to find the clothes and create the outfits that suit you, your height, scale, body shape and proportions, and the business image you want to project.

“Thanks so much for your help. I just wanted to say how fab I feel after our sessions together. I’ve had new business headshots taken and what an improvement they are – I’m wearing an outfit you put together, with my new make-up applied just as you suggested!! I’ve also invested in some new clothes from the websites/shops that you recommended and had a further wardrobe clear out. It has been just brilliant, thank you so much!”
Debbie, HR consultancy business owner 

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