I had a Personal Image Consultation with Liz after I was concerned my personal branding wasn’t as impactful as it could be. Although I work in a creative industry, as a copywriter and marketing consultant, I had a feeling my outwards image wasn’t aligned with the values I wanted to project to clients and prospects. I was smart and I dressed well but how I projected myself on the outside never truly reflected the bold, creative elements of my personality and the work I do; in other words, I was underselling myself. Fortunately, I discovered Liz and she was a revelation. In just a few short hours, Liz identified exactly where I was going wrong in terms of choosing colours and types of clothing. She made me view my body in a completely different way - far more positively - and gave me greater confidence to experiment. Liz also gave me a strategy to help me pick out the right clothes when shopping. Now, when I walk into a clothes store, I know exactly what to look for, what to avoid and how to choose what suits me. Thanks to Liz I feel my image is sharper and matches by business needs, while also remaining authentic so I’m comfortable with the clothes I’m wearing. I couldn’t recommend Liz highly enough; listen to her and she’ll have a huge impact on you and your business.
— Jody Raynsford Direct Response Copywriter | Marketing Consultant
Well that really opened my eyes! I’ve met one or two image consultants and heard a bit about what they do, but always thought it’s not for people like me.
Liz put me at ease immediately and took the time to understand me and help me understand why she recommended certain things for me.
She was tactful about some of the (ahem) dodgier stuff in my wardrobe and opened my eyes as to how I could match different things in my wardrobe (even things I’d imagined you couldn’t wear together) to produce great results.
This gave me the confidence to buy new clothes even ahead of my shopping trip with her.
So to the shopping trip! As someone (are most men like this?) who buys the odd thing as and when I need it this was a whole new experience. A focussed and great fun hour picking out clothes and trying on different combinations. With the result that I now have a wardrobe that allows me to dress smartly and appropriately for any occasion, business or pleasure.
Proof of the pudding? I feel great and I’m walking taller, and I got lovely comments on my new look from people at my business referral group meeting the next Friday. Thanks Liz.
— Dave Cordle Professional Career and Business Development Coaching
As we meet corporate clients and deliver presentations the image we present is very important. I spent some time recently with Liz who is so knowledgeable about colours, styles, fabrics and she put me at my ease. I now know what really suits me which means I am more confident when meeting customers and make better buying decisions when clothes shopping! I would recommend Liz to anyone but particularly if you are in the corporate world.
— Mandy Stephens Director at PhoneCoach Limited
Having recently had a session with Liz Scott I wanted to write a personal recommendation. I decided to have a session with Liz because in my business it is so important that my image is professional, stylish yet approachable. As a hypnotherapist I constantly have an uphill battle against the image of flaky, hippy dippy, earth mother types.

I was a little unsure what to expect however Liz was fantastic at putting me at ease. Once I had explained my business and the impression that I wanted to create, she did an excellent job at interpreting my needs and showing me easy, effective and stylish ways to use my wardrobe with a positive effect. She explained to me the uses of colours and which colours were effective for which kind of situation. She then went through my existing wardrobe showing me how different combinations of my existing clothes coupled with ideas for a few new items could make such a positive impact. I had expected that I may need to buy a completely new wardrobe however Liz was fantastic at showing me ways to use my existing clothes.

In addition to the styling being a important and useful asset to me in my business Liz made sure I had a really fun day that was productive, inspiring and left me feeling really confident that I knew what to wear and how to create a great impression
— Maggie Howell Director, founder and Author at Natal Hypnotherapy
A huge thank you for all your help in my image overhaul, it has been life changing!!
Firstly, I so enjoyed the morning I spent with you - you are such an amazing person & such fun and always look fantastic and have such great tips and ideas. I felt so inspired after our session. My confidence has exploded and I am enjoying having fun with my colours, trying new ideas and pushing the boat out with finding/experimenting with my style.

The compliments have been endless - from being called the “epitome of a yummy mummy” to “ the best dressed woman” at the company where I work.

So a big thank you - I feel fantastic and for the first time ever I really enjoy using make up and choosing outfits & feel absolutely awesome :)
— Marili, Sunbury, Middx
Liz - I love your individual approach. You have helped me find my true style personality for business and pleasure. Whether you love your present style and want to tweak or are looking for a WOW I can recommend Liz Scott.
If you are looking for safe or edgy...Liz will truly get to the bottom of what suits you and your situation.
Liz’s mix of skill, listening, understanding, background and experience can give you what you are looking for and more! Time and money spent with Liz is a life and career enhancing investment you will be glad you made. I am always delighted with the ideas, suggestions and results.
I find Liz to be approachable, insightful, at the top of her trade and delivers solutions tailored to you.
— Ruth, Executive Coach London and Surrey
I guess like a lot of women I had lots of clothes in the wardrobe but, ‘never anything to wear’, or never felt I could make many outfits from what I had. I also added to the problem by buying clothes just because I liked them and not really considering whether they would go with anything. So they ended up being squeezed in the the already over-stuffed wardrobe. Ugh - I despaired of ever being a stylish and fashion conscious dresser.
But in just a morning you’ve shown me how to look at clothes in a whole new way. I can now create, from the same set of clothes, many different outfits and looks. I know I’m not going to waste time in the morning wondering what to wear and I know what I’m looking for when I shop. A great investment both financially and personally. I would recommend Liz to anyone. She’s great fun and really encourages you to develop your own style and yet stay up to date.
— Liz, Walton Surrey
Thank you for helping me to stop dressing like my 11 year old son and presenting myself as not as a wannabe 20 year old but as a 45 year old woman who knows how to dress and look good for her age!
— Helena, Hampton, Middlesex
Like every woman I know, I had a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing ever to wear! After a morning spent wardrobe weeding with Liz, she was able to show me how to put outfits together with clothes I already had plus a couple of additional items Liz suggested. The clothes that we both identified as being not right for me or my lifestyle I sold through my local “dress agency”‘, making me a profit of £300 - what a result!
— Vivienne, Teddington, Middlesex
Wandering around the shops before was normally doomed to fail, I got frustrated and fed up when I couldn’t find what I was looking for and I always felt I was the wrong shape to feel good in anything fashionable. Liz was extremely patient and supportive encouraging me to try on new styles that were perfect for my shape.

The shopping trip for me was fantastic value for money because it has given me reassurance that I have to be confident in my own shape and not get depressed because some styles will never fit. It has eliminated all of the negative and depressing feelings I used to get whilst trying to buy clothes.
— Hannah, Guildford Surrey
Liz was instrumental in our team day at Marks & Spencer Head Office. As a group, we had identified that when we looked good, we felt good and it had a positive influence on the outcome of our meetings with our business partners. We were unsure how to consistently present ourselves to our best advantage till Liz came in and shared her skills and knowledge. We had an excellent workshop and by the end of the day we had learnt what made us look (and feel good!) as individuals, benefiting not only ourselves but how we went about our daily business and achieved great results. Overall, I would wholeheartedly recommend a session with Liz; it was an enlightening and empowering experience.
— Emma Gamble, Learning Project Manager (HR)Marks & Spencer
I wanted to look and feel my age whilst wanting colleagues to take me seriously. Liz has an amazing amount of styling knowledge. She introduced me to styles and colours which have enhanced my overall image both professionally and personally and I am now able to dress in the corporate world, holding my position whilst maintaining my personality.
— Shalina, Learning & Development Retail Team, M & S, London
We organised a company “Well Being” day as part of our program to invest in our staff. Liz presented some workshops that enabled our staff to improve their image and feel good about themselves. This included an increased awareness of what colours and what styles to wear to compliment their shape. It was a great success and I am looking forward to my personal consultation Liz !
— Project Manager RBS, Middlesex
I just wanted to say a big thank you for today. Your guidance and help today has been so beneficial to me and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and cannot believe how those hours flew by. I come home to a wedding invitation in May on the I.O.W. so immediately I need to put my new found colours & styling into action!’

’I’ve come away with a very clear idea on my colours firstly and also importantly my styling. I’m going to spend the next few days working through all of my clothes & there are many I feel that will be hot footing down to the charity shop:)

Once I’ve worked out my ‘new self’ & hit the shops and dented my account I may well give you a call to come and assess my purchases and see if I’ve gotten it right or am up the wrong path!! Thank you again - it has been a really enjoyable experience.
— Alison, Sunbury on Thames