Women's Style & Image Makeover

We are all so Unique! Knowing what suits you and how to put it together is a valuable skill
— Liz Scott, Imagetastic

Time : 2 hours
Cost : £150

Knowing what suits you and how to put it together can be a daunting and sometimes depressing experience. Finding clothes that you really like and that you feel confident will both suit and flatter you can be a minefield! Often outfits that look great on fashion models don't always look so good on the average woman and understanding how to choose clothes that really flatter your shape and personality is a valuable skill to have in your life. It's a skill that can make the difference between success and failure in your career, it can help you feel great in every social occasion - whether you are walking into a party alone, meeting girlfriends for a night out or preparing for that special date.

The first day at work wearing a skirt I bought with Liz was fantastic - I received so many compliments from colleagues I don’t even know very well. The overwhelming compliment from most was they thought I had lost over a stone in weight! I soon discovered that dressing for my body shape makes me look and feel fantastic.
— Hannah, Farnham Surrey

This style and colour makeover is for you if:

  • You try to hide your body under baggy or ill-fitting clothes

  • Feel confused about which colours and styles really suit you

  • Want to feel more confident in buying and wearing clothes

  • Never know how to match clothes and accessories to create the perfect outfit

  • Always focus on your body negatives rather than the positives

  • Always wear black - 'Because it's slimming - isn't it?'

Discover how great you will feel when:

  • You can purchase clothes with the certainty that the styles and colours will suit you perfectly

  • People continually compliment you on how great you look

  • People start asking if you have lost weight

  • You can dress with confidence, every day and for every occasion

  • You know exactly how to make the right impact for that special occasion

  • You know how to choose clothes that will flatter and enhance your natural assets

  • You can actually save money on clothes by purchasing just a few well-chosen items

  • You understand that you are unique and what really suits you

  • You look in the mirror and smile at your reflection

  • You really look forward to going clothes shopping

The image makeover is for you if:

People who have made an investment in their style and image say it is one of the best things they have done for themselves; in addition to raising their confidence, self-esteem and profile it actually saves them money in the long run!
— Liz Scott, Imagetastic
  • You don't know which shapes and styles really flatter you

  • You always find it difficult to know which clothes go together

  • You haven't a clue about accessories

  • You find shopping for clothes a daunting experience

  • Buying new clothes actually drains your confidence rather than lifts it!

  • You spend £s on clothes you never wear

  • You have a wardrobe FULL of clothes but nothing to wear!

After this insightful and inspiring Styling Makeover you will:

  • Know exactly what suits you and how to create the perfect combinations

  • Understand how to use clothes to express your personality

  • Be confident in choosing the most flattering styles and fabrics for your shape and size

  • NEVER have a shopping disaster again!

  • Love the fact that you can dress with confidence, whatever the occasion

  • Know how to dress for success whether for your career or social life

  • Discover the secret to finding the perfect outfit every time

  • Go away with the confidence to project your own personal style

  • Be bombarded with compliments on how great you look!

For a no obligation chat about how this could benefit you or to book a Styling session with Liz please call 07971959106 or e-mail lizzieimage@gmail.com